Keeping an instrument in good working order doesn't happen by accident.  Whether it's repairing accidental damage or conducting preventive maintenance, our repair shop personnel are highly trained and eager to keep your instruments in top working order.  

Common Repairs/Maintenance



All brass and woodwind instruments develop buildup inside the bore from saliva deposits and foreign material blown into the instrument.  While you can minimize this by brushing your teeth before you play, all instruments eventually need cleaning to stay in top condition.  Our cleaning proceduce involves completely disassembling the instrument, using a mild acid to dissolve any buildup inside the horn, reassembling the instrument, replacing waterkey corks and springs, lubricating all moving parts, polishing the outside of the instrument.  This procedure is recommended to be done once per year, or whenever any moving part gets stuck.  


All string instruments eventually need new strings.  We can replace single strings, or all the strings at once.  In addtion, to just replacing the strings, our full re-string procedure includes polishing the frets, oiling the fingerboard, and polishing the body of the instrument.  

Pad/Cork Replacement

Often when woodwinds are not playing correctly, it is the fault of a single ripped pad or missing cork.  In addition to replacing individual pads and corks, we also insure that all pads are covering the tone holes correctly and properly adjust all key heights and articulation points.  

While these are just a few of our most common repairs, we are able to perform almost any repair, including complete overhauls and custom work.  Feel free to call with questions.  Our repair techs are always happy to chat.