Why Rent from Blue Note?

 Sometimes you may not be sure if you want to invest in a new or used instrument. That's where renting comes in. The instruments we rent are in like new condition and are guaranteed to give you the best chance at successfully making music. 

Rental Price Break Down

How to Rent


Renting an instrument doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Feel free to stop in the store or call to help with rental information. 

Rent Online

What is LDW?


 LDW (Loss & Damage Waiver) is insurance against major damage and  loss. We'll do any routine maintenance on your rental at the store for  free, but in cases such as fire, theft or getting run over by a bus, LDW  protects you from having to pay for the cost of the instrument. 

Other Options


Call to ask if we have new or used instruments available for sale. Our stock can change almost daily. If you want to be put on a waiting list for the next used instrument to be repaired, we can do that too.